Photography by: Gavid Medza


Created in partnership with HANYONG THEATRE. Original music by MARY KEITH.


 Friendship, Communication, EAL

Age Group: 3-5

Addresses the following areas of learning in the EYFS and KS1 Curriculum: 

  • Communication and Language.

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

  • Literacy.

  • Creative Play.

Nori is a bilingual workshop exploring what tolerance and friendship means. 

The children are taken on a trip to the seaside, to visit Bonnie Cove, where they help old fisherwoman Pearl dig for treasure.  They discover Nori, a strange orphan from a far away land who has been washed up on the shore.  The children help Pearl to overcome her fears, communicate with Nori and find ways for them to share and live together.


Children will:

  • Increase language and communication skills. 

  • Develop empathy and tolerance.  

  • Practice problem solving within the context of a story. 

“A fabulous interactive story with great friendship values. Some less able children who find it hard to infer were transfixed in the show and had the most to say afterwards.”

Reception Teacher, 4 Oaks Infant School 

Access a comprehensive resource pack with follow-up activities which allow you to expand on learning from the workshop after our visit below. 

To book, or if you'd like to know more, email us by clicking "Get in Touch". 

Touring: Autumn. 5th - 22nd October
Runtime: 90 Minutes 
Audience Capacity: Maximum 35 students per workshop

Requirements: School Hall or Large Cleared Classroom 


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