Summer Term 

PSHE, Literacy, British Values, Safeguarding, Transition: Primary to Secondary

Age Group: 8-11 







Addresses requirements of the Key Stage 2 Curriculum:

  • Speaking and listening.

  • Moral development.

  • Tolerance, Respect for law, democracy, liberty.

Careless Talk is thought provoking workshop which explores how a young person could be groomed to take part in extremist action.

The piece is set in the fictional town of Brodingham and tells the story of Scarlett, a young member of a minority community, The Circle, who are being persecuted by another group. The children are guided through a process where they find positive and peaceful solutions for the characters in this piece which promotes social responsibility, tolerance and respect.

Children will: 

  • Challenge extremist perspectives and consider alternatives to violence as a way of resolving problems.

  • Reflect on the role of the media, social media, gossip and rumour in contributing to perceptions and attitudes so that they understand that there are multiple points of view.

  • Discuss the impact and application of the 5 fundamental British Values.

“A superb piece of drama that told a poignant message relevant to today’s world. Fantastic, meaningful discussion on the five British values that we want our children to respect, for themselves and for society as a whole.” 

Year 5 teacher, Whitehouse Common Primary

Access a comprehensive resource pack with follow-up activities which allow you to expand on learning from the workshop after our visit. 

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Touring: Summer Term 
Runtime: 90 Minutes 
Audience Capacity: Maximum 35 students per workshop

Requirements: School Hall or Large Cleared Classroom