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Age Group: 3-11 (EYFS, KS1 & KS2)

The Play House CPD workshops have been created specifically for Early Years Practitioners, Teachers and Educational professionals working with EYFS children up to KS1 & KS2. The CPD demonstrates practically how drama can be used to provide a context for deeper learning; enriching the learning process for teachers and pupils. 

The workshop supports its participants in practically acquiring and improving upon knowledge, skill set and confidence in using drama as an effective learning medium. The Play House have been bringing the wonder of the world into primary schools for over 30 years, bringing the curriculum to life using drama and storytelling. The Play House CPD is designed to help teachers do the same in their classrooms.

“I think the drama course [CPD] really had the finger on the pulse of the changes in approaches to learning that are happening. There was an excellent, practical use of drama as a cross curricular strategy and we had proper time for exploring and thinking.”
- Reception teacher, Herefordshire Primary School

“I’m just writing to thank you for the excellent drama INSET that you did for us. You made it such fun that everyone really enjoyed themselves and they have loads of ideas to try out with the children.”
- Headteacher

Slade Junior, Infant and Nursery School

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Teachers & Educational Professionals

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