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It's my planet too!


Literacy, Environmental Issues, Expressive Arts

Age Group: 3-7

Oh dear! Somehow Acapella the tree frog has arrived in school from South America in a box of fruit. She’s lost and far from home. What should Cherry the greengrocer do? Could Acapella become the pet Cherry’s always dreamed of or does she really belong somewhere else? This sensory adventure will take the children into the rainforest to explore why caring for the planet's animals and habitats has a positive effect on us all.

Outcomes /Children will:

  • Build a sense of agency as future adult decision-makers taking action about global issues like deforestation and climate change.

  • Develop an understanding of our place in the world and how we are part of interdependent ecosystems.

  • Learn how our actions have an effect on others.

  • Talk about emotions and positive outlooks. 

Addresses the following areas of learning in the EYFS and KS1 Curriculum: 

  • Events linked to cultural experiences.

  • Forming a positive sense of themselves and others. 

  • Communication and Language.

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

Access a comprehensive resource pack with follow-up activities which allow you to expand on learning from the workshop after our visit. 

To Book or Enquire

Touring:  All Terms
Runtime: 90 Minutes 
Audience Capacity: Maximum 35 participants per workshop

Requirements: School Hall or Large Cleared Classroom