Photography by: Gavid Medza

Storytelling Residency


 Communication and Language Development.

Age Group: 3-7

Addresses the following areas of learning in the EYFS and KS1 Curriculum: 

  • Communication and Language.

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

  • Literacy.

  • Expressive Arts.

A Play House storyteller will work with small groups or bubbles of children over the day to co-create shared stories together to develop their : 

  • Communication and language development.

  • Problem solving, creative and imaginative skills.

  • Confidence, self-regulation and social skills.

The story created is based on a multi sensory, initial stimulus offered by the storyteller. The storyteller then builds on ideas and any developing narrative coming from children's responses, both physical and verbal. 

As part of the residency we offer 2 short CPD workshops or planning sessions with staff to help them learn how to integrate drama and storytelling as a transformative teaching tool. 

"These experiences are vital for all children in helping them to explore their understanding of the world around them. Three reluctant talkers became absorbed and involved, calling out their ideas."

Nursery Teacher, Marsh Hill Nursery.

To book, or if you'd like to know more, email us by clicking "Get in Touch". 

Requirements: School Hall or Large Cleared Classroom 
Each storytelling session lasts 30 mins and we can work with up to 8 groups a day. A member of your staff is present and between sessions we share observations about the children's responses and development.