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Autumn/ Spring Term

PSHE, Wellbeing, Science

Age Group: 5-7 

Addresses Requirements of Key Stage 1 Curriculum:

  • Recognise what a healthy diet looks like.

  • Understand the part personal hygiene plays in a healthy lifestyle.

  • Learn how exercise helps the body to stay fit and healthy.

  • Articulating arguments and opinions.

Fit for a King is an interactive workshop which develops children’s confidence in making decisions about healthy eating, hygiene and fitness within an exciting fictional context.


Fit for a King takes place in the royal palace of the very unhealthy, Prince Yan.  The children are recruited as cooks to prepare for a royal banquet where he will be crowned king. They help him to create a healthy menu, design exciting exercises and games and show Prince Yan how to keep himself clean.  He rewards their efforts by inviting them to the coronation as honoured guests.


Children will:

  • Make informed choices regarding a food for a celebration.

  • Understand why oral and body hygiene is important.

  • Learn why exercise helps the body to stay fit.

‘It was so interactive and had a good pace which kept all the children engaged.  There was lots of science and speaking and listening activities.’

Year 2 Teacher, Blandford Mere Primary School, Stourbridge

Acess a comprehensive resource pack with follow-up activities which allow you to expand on learning from the workshop after our visit below. 

For more information, or to book, email us by clicking on "Get in Touch".

Resource Pack: Coming Soon

Touring: Autumn/Spring December 7th- January 14th

Runtime: 90 Minutes 
Audience Capacity: Maximum 35 students per workshop

Requirements: School Hall or Large Cleared Classroom 


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