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The Play House's range of KS2 programmes address requirements across the National Curriculum including stories about STEM, History, Literacy,  PSHE and British Values.These interactive programmes engage the children in dilemmas to encourage problem solving within the context of the story. 


Autumn Term 

Spoken English, Traditional Stories, Story writing

This workshop examines the dark origins and themes of the traditional story of Red Riding Hood.  In this dark retelling of the traditional tale, the children meet characters and work together to shape the story to include their own ideas and imaginations.

On the Edge (5) - to red riding hood.JPG


Autumn Term 

 PSHE, Mental Health and Wellbeing, COVID-19 and Lockdown, History

This workshop will explore children's experiences and feelings surrounding lockdown though the safe context of a story. The children will step into the shoes of villagers from Eyam, Derbyshire after the plague of 1666, and experience the amazing true story of how their  voluntary isolation saved the lives of the surrounding communities.  



Spring Term 

Forces, Science, Solar system, History, Literacy 

Stargazing is an interactive science workshop where children go back in time to meet the famous astronomer Galileo Galilei, explore his discoveries and defend his theories at the Court of the Inquisition.


the resilience 

Summer Term 

PSHE, Wellbeing, Mental Health,
COVID-19 Recovery

The Resilience Quest will transport participants into a world of myths and legends, of questioning and curiosity. They will play a crucial part in helping the hero and heroine of our tale overcome challenges on their journey into the unknown.

Resilience Quest Instagram (1).png


Spring Term 

British Values, Literacy, SMSC, Safeguarding, Transition: Primary to Secondary

Split Second is a participatory performance for primary school children aged 9-11 which will explore the causes and consequences of knife crime. The children are asked to comment on the decisions the characters have made, offer advice and investigate how and why some young people feel the need to carry knives.



Summer Term 

British Values, Literacy, SMSC, Safeguarding, Transition: Primary to Secondary

Careless Talk is thought provoking workshop which explores how a young person could be groomed to take part in extremist action. The children are guided through a process where they find positive and peaceful solutions for the characters in this piece which promotes social responsibility, tolerance and respect.

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