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The Play House Summer School Offer


We can offer a week of exciting storytelling, drama and creativity with our Play House practitioners at your school. The activities will be appropriate to the needs and interests of the children participating and will culminate in the sharing of the project to an audience of family members either live or online. We will provide all the materials, the creative expertise and document the children’s participation and final shared creative project.

Children that participate will get opportunities to:

  • Practice speaking, reading and writing in a fun and safe environment.

  • Increase confidence in working with other children on a shared creation.

  • Develop their own imaginations and voice.

Your school can pair us with children they feel would most benefit from the project, and we are happy to provide information for parents and meet virtually before-hand.



Super Storytellers!

Children will join in with facilitators from The Play House for a week of storytelling, drama and set making as they create a brand-new story based on their ideas, full of new characters and adventure. They will help design and create the set, write the script, and perform the story to a live and/or digital audience.

No experience necessary, just bring your imaginations! There will be lots of opportunity to:

  • Make new friends and improve communication skills through group work and games.

  • Use imagination and practice creative problem solving.

  • Build self confidence.

Super Storytellers is also available to school as an after school club! (6 x 45 minute after school sessions over a term.)


The Audio Summer School Children will be supported on a creative journey to create and record their own original audio play that explores and celebrates the character of their community.

Using wide range of pictures, writing, songs and sounds as stimulus the children will be given space to look at and listen to their world closely. They will be encouraged to express their thoughts and feelings about where they live and their hopes for the future, giving them an opportunity to reflect on their experience of the Pandemic.

The finished audio play can be shared at the end of the week with an invited audience either at school or digitally. Schools can use the play as a resource for inspiring other young people to create their own responses.


A Bespoke Project

The Play House can collaborate with you to create a Summer School which uses storytelling and drama techniques to target specific areas of learning based on the needs of your school. We can work with your pupils to produce a creative project which could be topic-based, aiming to address a specific aspect of the National Curriculum such as:

  • English – speaking and listening, effective writing, spoken language.

  • History

  • Science

Or the project could create a safe space for young people to process and express their feelings about the pandemic, their hopes and fears for the future, addressing:

  • Mental Health and Well-being

  • PSHE

With our creative expertise, we can work flexibly to address the priorities of your school in a fun, exciting and imaginative project.


FAQ -The Play House Summer School can work with groups of approximately 15 pupils at a time. - Sessions can take place both outdoors (forest schools, storytelling circles or outdoor classrooms) or indoors (large empty classroom, or hall space). - Sessions can last up to 2 hours, over 5 days. - All The Play House practitioners have a current DBS. Prices start at £750+ FOR QUESTIONS, QUERIES OR TO BOOK: Get in touch:

Who is The Play House?

The Play House is a Theatre In Education charity with extensive experience of using participatory theatre and drama to support the language and learning of children and young people.

Our pedagogy and practice have been developed over 35 years working in Birmingham and Midlands schools. Since 1986, we have built a reputation for delivering high quality, engaging programmes supported by comprehensive and practical resources for teachers.

We work with EYFS to KS3 children on projects that can be tailor-made and timed to your requirements, with either individual schools or consortia.


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