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The Play House Theatre in Education company has been helping

schools bring the wonder of the world into their classrooms

for 30 years.  We work in over fifty schools a year with our touring programme of workshops which bring the curriculum to life for children aged 3-11 and beyond.  We also create bespoke projects for schools,

offer CPD for teachers and work with a range of partners to put drama and imagination at the heart of the learning experience for children.

We want to inspire teachers as well as pupils, which is why, aside from our workshops which demonstrate many teaching strategies and techniques that you can use yourself, we also offer in depth CPD to help develop teachers' confidence in using drama as a teaching method.


The Play House workshops are a unique way to develop, consolidate and deepen your pupil’s learning.  

theatre in education workshops


Our popular touring programme of participatory workshops specifically address requirements across the national curriculum, including:

  • English – speaking and listening, more effective writing, spoken language.

  • Numeracy

  • Mental Health and Wellbeing

  • History

  • Science

  • SMSC – safeguarding

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development




Collaborate with The Play House to produce bespoke projects! Whether this is a topic-specific programme, school residency over a term, or a completely unique participatory project to help spread your message, The Play House is versatile and flexible in it's work and delivery. 

Reach out with details about  a project idea you might be interested in collaborating on to create something unique.




We deliver CPD sessions for teachers and practitioners working in EYFS settings. Tailor-made and timed to your requirements, with either individual schools or consortia, we are confident in or practice. 

The Play House CPD supports teachers in practically acquiring and improving skills, knowledge and confidence in using drama and storytelling as an exciting and effective learning medium.


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