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The Play House Theatre in Education company has been helping schools bring the awe and wonder of the world into their classrooms for 30 years.  We work in over fifty schools a year with our touring programme of workshops which bring the curriculum to life for children aged 3-11 and beyond.  We also create bespoke projects for schools, offer CPD for teachers and work with a range of partners to put drama and imagination at the heart of the learning experience for children.


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The Play House is a registered charity which works directly with young people across the West Midlands, using participatory theatre to support their learning through a creative curriculum. We are committed to producing work that provides an exciting and challenging first experience of live theatre. Annually we reach 15,000 young people in socially economically challenging areas of the West Midlands, we need your support to continue our work.


The Play House has taken a financial hit due to the  COVID-19 crisis. If you're able to, please consider donating so we can continue to support the education of as many young people as possible. With your support, we can help ensure young people's education is as engaging and enriching as ever. 

feedback on 'hope' ks2 programme


"Words in an email from a parent of a child who took part in this truly wonderful piece:


I just wanted to let you know that the Hope workshop made a big impression on my daughter (name removed). She came home very excited to tell us about it and then insisted that we (her, brother, Mum and Dad) re-enact the entire play with her, ending with the dropping of our leaves into a well and expressing our hopes and fears. It was clearly a well thought out and entertaining workshop because every detail appeared to have stayed with her. The fact that the school took the trouble to invest in this type of activity on top of all the additional planning and responsibilities that Covid has brought about, is really tremendous, thank you.

Well done The Playhouse - truly inspiring!

Also I must add that after a workshop, children were independently playing a game outside where they were sharing feelings and pretending to put these into the well. It has genuinely struck a cord with our children."

— Angela Lowry Headteacher
Raddlebarn Primary School



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